Keeping up with Technology:

Technology is essential to every business, even those that aren’t technology companies. In this generation, you deal with technology in your office productivity software, using a security system or air conditioner, using your mobile device and social media, or even just sitting down in the privacy of your own home and trying to determine what cooking recipe to use online! Technology is EVERYWHERE and helps organizations maintain a competitive edge and to build a strong presence in todays business world.

Importance of Technology in a Workplace:

Technology in the workplace allows businesses to expand rapidly and efficiently. Business technology, such as video conferencing, social networks and virtual office technology has removed workplace boundaries that previously limited business expansion. With business technology, companies can target a wider customer base and grow to higher levels.

What We Can Do For You or Your Company:

We, Quest Connect, will increase your productivity, learning and computer technology skills by giving you hands on education curriculum inside our computer labs. Our instructors are motivated to empower the work force and individuals with up to-date computer applications, including Microsoft Office, Adobe, QuickBooks, and much more. Quest Connect is here as a stepping stone for individuals who need the tools to get back out into the work force, for company’s needing proper training on their current operating system or applications, or for businessmen and women who just want to improve their computer and application skills for the sake of being a better employee.

Our Mission:

To Bring People & Technology Together